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‘In Xanadu’ by Thomas M. Disch

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Sarrantonio suggests this story “recalls a bit his New Wave days”. Presumably what he means by this is that Disch has given each section its own title. I’m not a huge fan of Disch’s work, not even from the period when he was sane. This is pretty good though, even if it does have rather too many obvious riffs on consumerism like “YOUR AFTERLIFE BEGINS NOW! BROUGHT TO YOU BY DISNEY-MITSUBISHI PRODUCTIONS OF QUEBEC”.

Quality: ***
Shiftiness: ***

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2 May 2009 at 20:36

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“Suicide is always a speculative matter.”

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I may have thought Thomas M. Disch was a raddled old bigot but if I die – and I’m not planning to – I hope no-one writes an article like this about me.

Written by Martin

22 September 2008 at 23:52

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