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‘The Proof’ by Shariann Lewitt

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‘The Proof’ is the answer to the unnecessary question: what do you get if you cross a cheesy romance, outmoded gender politics and the Copenhagen interpretation? Sarah is scared of commitment because any man will make her give up Science. Then she meets Adrian:

His hair was thick and black and pulled back into the ubiquitous ponytail, his eyes were soft and chocolate and held some humour at the same time.

Can someone you’ve just met for the first time have a ubiquitous ponytail? Why would having soft, chocolate eyes make their ability to hold humor surprising? Lewitt’s prose poses many questions like this. It is extremely clumsy which made me think this was early work by Lewitt but, in fact, she has a substantial (although undistinguished) back catalogue.

Quality: *
Sexiness: **

Written by Martin

18 September 2009 at 21:24