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Invasion Earth

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The New Yorker published another SF story this week: ‘The Invasion From Outer Space’ by Steven Millhauser. It is a nice, short, slight story.

Nancy Kress doesn’t like it though. Despite (not entirely convincingly) claiming she is not one of those who “automatically hate any SF written by authors not in our little club” she ends by saying:

I don’t expect NEW YORKER readers to appreciate Charles Stross, but a little imagination does seem called for when you’re considering invasions from space. What was the fiction editor thinking?

The reaction in the comments section is mixed (and Jeff Vandermeer teases us by deleting his no doubt intemperate response.) There is more discussion of the story and Kress’s reaction on MetaFilter. As unfortunately so often happens it shakes out into Us and Them and, as usual, those in the SF camp come off worst. As one of the commenters in the original thread notes:

I think you’d be amazed at how many New Yorker readers appreciate Charles Stross. I’m one of them. From my perspective, it’s the Charles Stross readers who usually fail to appreciate The New Yorker.

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11 February 2009 at 13:42

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