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The Rise Of The Cyberzines by Mike Ashley (BSFA Review #18: August 2022)




Settling The World by M John Harrison (Strange Horizons: November 2020)




Railhead by Philip Reeve (Strange Horizons: March 2016)


2015 Hugo Awards – Best Short Story Shortlist (Strange Horizons: June 2015)


Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea (2013-14) (Strange Horizons: April 2013)
Astra by Naomi Foyle (Strange Horizons: March 2014)
Wolves by Simon Ings (Strange Horizons: February 2014)
Drakenfeld by Mark Charan Newton (Strange Horizons: January 2014)


Dark Waters Of Hagwood by Robin Jarvis (Strange Horizons: September 2013)
Sea Of Ghosts by Alan Campbell (Strange Horizons: August 2013)
No Return by Zachary Jernigan (Strange Horizons: May 2013)
Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels, 1985-2010 by Damien Broderick and Paul Di Filippo (Strange Horizons: March 2013)
The City’s Son by Tom Pollock (Strange Horizons: January 2013)


Osiris by EJ Swift (Strange Horizons: October 2012)
Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway (Strange Horizons: May 2012)
Artemis by Philip Palmer (Strange Horizons: April 2012)
Babylon Steel by Gaie Sebold (Everything Is Nice: March 2012)
Ice by Anna Kavan (Everything Is Nice: March 2012)
Blood Red Road by Moira Young (Strange Horizons: February 2012)


In Other Worlds by Margaret Atwood (Strange Horizons: October 2011)
Golden Witchbreed by Mary Gentle (Everything Is Nice: August 2011)
Woman On The Edge Of Time by Marge Piercy (Everything Is Nice: July 2011)
Jar Jar Binks Must Die by Daniel M Kimmel and Monstrous Creatures by Jeff VanderMeer (SF Site: July 2011)
Twilight Robbery by Frances Hardinge (Strange Horizons: June 2011)
The Flood by Maggie Gee (Everything Is Nice: May 2011)
Source Code (2011) (Strange Horizons: April 2011)
Mission Child by Maureen McHugh (Everything Is Nice: April 2011)
The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie (Everything Is Nice: March 2011)
Arslan by MJ Engh (Everything Is Nice: March 2011)
Glimmering by Elizabeth Hand (Everything Is Nice: February 2011)
Moxyland by Lauren Buekes (Everything Is Nice: January 2011)


Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010) (Strange Horizons: September 2010)
Swords & Dark Magic, edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders (SF Site #326: August 2010)
Monsters Of Men by Patrick Ness (Strange Horizons: June 2010)
Katja From The Punk Band by Simon Logan (SF Site #320: May 2010)
Kick-Ass (2010) (Strange Horizons: April 2010)
A Guide To Fantasy Literature by Philip Martin (SF Site #317: April 2010)
The Secret History Of Science Fiction, edited by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel (SF Site #133: February 2010)
The Year Of The Flood by Margaret Atwood and The Rapture by Liz Jensen (Strange Horizons: January 2010)


Wireless by Charles Stross (Vector #261: December 2009)
Sex In The System, edited by Cecilia Tan (SF Site #307: November 2009)
Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction, edited by Mark Bould, Andrew M Butler, Adam Roberts and Sherryl Vint (Strange Horizons: October 2009)
The Lord of the Sands of Time by Issui Ogawa and All You Need Is KILL by Hiroshi Sakurazaka (Strange Horizons: September 2009)
The Ask And The Answer by Patrick Ness (Strange Horizons: August 2009)
The City And The City by China Mieville (SF Site #302: August 2009)
Fools’ Experiments by Edward M Lerner (Vector #260: August 2009)
Paprika by Yasutaka Tsutsui and Paprika (2006) (Strange Horizons: July 2009)
God Of Clocks by Alan Campbell (Strange Horizons: July 2009)
Nights Of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton (Strange Horizons: June 2009)
A Thread of Truth by Nina Allan (Strange Horizons: May 2009)
In Great Waters by Kit Whitfield (SF Site #295: May 2009)
Biohell by Andy Remic (SF Site #293: April 2009)
Subtle Edens, edited by Allen Ashley (Vector #259: March 2009)
Lost In Space by Toby Litt (Strange Horizons: March 2009)
Subtle Edens, edited by Allen Ashley (Strange Horizons: February 2009)
The Edge Of Reason by Melinda Snodgrass (Vector #258: February 2009)
The Chronicles Of The Black Company by Glen Cook (Strange Horizons: January 2009)


Exotic Excusions by Anthony Nanson (Vector #257: December 2008)
Dead Set (Strange Horizons: December 2008)
The Knife Of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (Strange Horizons: November 2008)
Anathem by Neal Stephenson (Strange Horizons: September 2008)
Everything Is Sinister by David Llewellyn and The Heritage by Will Ashon (Strange Horizons: August 2008)
From Alien To The Matrix by Roz Kaveney (Fruitless Recursion #1: August 2008)
Lost Boys by James Miller (Strange Horizons: July 2008)
Pretty Little Things To Fill Up The Void by Simon Logan (Vector #256: July 2008)
The Nines (2007), Southland Tales (2006) and Doomsday (2008) (Strange Horizons: June 2008)
What It Is We Do When We Read Science Fiction by Paul Kincaid (Strange Horizons: May 2008)
Black Sheep by Ben Peek (Strange Horizons: March 2008)
The SFWA European Hall of Fame, edited by James Morrow and Kathryn Morrow (Strange Horizons: February 2008)
The Red Men by Matthew de Abaitua (Strange Horizons: January 2008)


Spaceman Blues by Brian Francis Slattery (Strange Horizons: October 2007)
Splinter by Adam Roberts (SF Site #255: September 2007)
Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch (Strange Horizons: August 2007)
The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds (Strange Horizons: June 2007)
28 Weeks Later (2007) (Strange Horizons: June 2007)
Black Man by Richard Morgan (Strange Horizons: April 2007)
The Fountain (2006) (Strange Horizons: February 2007)


A Maze of Death by Philip K. Dick (SF Site #233: October 2006)
Eclipse by KA Bedford and Less Than Human by Maxine McArthur (NYRSF #215: July 2006)
Renaissance (2006) (Matrix #180: July 2006)
A Darkling Plain by Philip Reeve (Strange Horizons: May 2006)
‘Q’ by John Grant (The ED SF Project: March 2006)
Nowhere Near An Angel by Mark Morris (Vector #246: March 2006)
Life On Mars 1.1 – 1.3 (Strange Horizons: February 2006)
The Clock-King and the Queen of the Hourglass by Vera Nazarian (Strange Horizons: January 2006)


Nova Scotia: New Speculative Scottish Fiction edited by Neil Williamson and Andrew J. Wilson (Strange Horizons: November 2005)
New Worlds: An Anthology edited by Michael Moorcock (SF Site #211: November 2005)
The Healer by Michael Blumlein (NYRSF #206: October 2005)
Crime Traveller 1.1 – 1.8 (The Alien Online: October 2005)
Vellum by Hal Duncan (Vector #243: September 2005)
Déjà Vu by Ian Hocking (Interzone #200: September 2005)
The Fall Of Tartarus by Eric Brown (Vector #242: July 2005)
Charley’s War by Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun (The Alien Online: June 2005)
Divided Kingdom by Rupert Thomson (The Alien Online: March 2005)
Series 7: The Contenders (2001) (Matrix #172: March 2005)
Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds (SF Site #194: February 2005)
Versus (2000) (Matrix #171: January 2005)


City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff VanderMeer (SF Site #181: August 2004)
Natural History by Justina Robson (SF Site #177: June 2004)
The Year of Our War by Steph Swainston (SF Site #173: April 2004)
Oryx And Crake by Margaret Atwood (The Alien Online: April 2004)
Jigsaw Men by Gary Greenwood (The Alien Online: April 2004)
Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve (The Alien Online: March 2004)
Seasons Of Mist And Flame by Jon George (The Alien Online: March 2004)
Luminal (Matrix #166: March 2004)
Mothership by John Brosnan (The Alien Online: February 2004)
Dear Abbey by Terry Bisson (The Alien Online: January 2004)
Battle Royale 2: Requiem (Matrix #165: January 2004)


Up Through an Empty House of Stars by David Langford (SF Site #162: October 2003)
Cypher (Matrix #163, September 2003)
The Animatrix (Matrix #163, September 2003)
Jennifer Government by Max Barry (The Alien Online: August 2003)
Impostor (Matrix #162: July 2003)
Avalon (Matrix #162: July 2003)
Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow (SF Site #153: June 2003)
Time Out Of Joint by Philip K. Dick (SF Site #152: May 2003)
Jupiter Magnified by Adam Roberts (The Alien Online: May 2003)
Strange Days (Matrix #161: May 2003)
The Facts Of Life by Graham Joyce (SF Site #147: March 2003)
Thorn Ogres Of Hagwood by Robin Jarvis (SF Site #143: January 2003)
Screamers (Matrix #159: January 2003)


Little Doors by Paul DiFilippo (SF Site #141: December 2002)
The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (SF Site #139: November 2002)
The Thirteenth Floor (Matrix #158: November 2002)
Imagined Slights by James Lovegrove (SF Site #137: October 2002)
Time Past by Maxine McArthur (SF Site #136: September 2002)
Everyone In Silico by Jim Munroe (SF Site #136: September 2002)
T2: Infiltrator by S.M. Stirling (SF Site #135: September 2002)
Ersatz Nation by Tim Kenyon (The Alien Online: September 2002)
The Cell (Matrix #157: September 2002)
Supernova (Matrix #157: September 2002)
James Cameron by Brian Robb (The Alien Online: August 2002)
Bug Jack Barron by Norman Spinrad (SF Site #134: August 2002)
Take Back Plenty by Colin Greenland (SF Site #131: July 2002)
Cube (Matrix #156: July 2002)
Christendom by Neil Cross (SF Site #130: June 2002)
Vurt by Jeff Noon (SF Site #129: June 2002)
Green Eyes by Lucius Shepard (SF Site #127: May 2002)
The New Critical Idiom: Science Fiction by Adam Roberts (SF Site #126: April 2002)
The Centauri Device by M. John Harrison (SF Site #125: April 2002)
Only Begotten Daughter by James Morrow (SF Site #123: March 2002)
Blood Music by Greg Bear (SF Site #121: February 2002)


A Case Of Conscience by James Blish (SF Site #117: December 2001) – A review of this review.

Written by Martin

14 September 2008 at 18:55

5 Responses

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  1. Hi Martin, just come across your post where you mention doing a review of my novel, Pretty Little Things To Fill Up The Void, for Vector magazine in July 2008 which I wasn’t aware of until now. I was wondering if you knew how best to get a copy of this review so that I can cross-post it to my website? Thanks in advance.

    Simon Logan

    5 January 2009 at 16:02

  2. Hopefully the Vector website will be updated at some point early in 2009 with all my reviews for them. In the mean time I can email you a copy.


    5 January 2009 at 16:46

  3. […] is probably a good time to point out I’ve added links to all my reviews for Matrix to the reviews page of this blog. Some of these reviews are quite old and they aren’t necessarily what I would […]

  4. […] it hasn’t been a great year for reading. At the same time, I have written substantially more reviews than ever before. The upshot of this is that I will be reviewing less in 2010 and probably reading […]

  5. […] Grand Unified Theory of SF Publishing so it might be worth reading the context of some of my other recent reviews. On which note, Astra is actually my 49th review for Strange Horizons. Bloody […]

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