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Hugo Voting – Best Artist

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As a break from writing, the art categories. Let’s start with Best Fan Artist since it is traditionally the worst category in the Hugos and even in the era of the Puppies when it has stiff competition, it is still pretty fucking bad.

1) Elizabeth Leggett – I hate the fan/pro distinction and think it should be abolished. I’m not clear why Leggett is a fan rather than a pro but regardless, she is the only artist in the category.
2) No Award
3) Spring Schoenhuth – A Finding Nemo/Dr Who mash-up and some average jewellery.

4) Steve Stiles – Shitty fanzine cartoons.
5) Ninni Aalto – A cartoon of Jeff VanderMeer as a mushroom. Nuff said.
6) Brad W Foster – Every single year. What the fuck?

And now Best Professional Artist which is better but not as much as you might hope:


1) Julie Dillon – Again, the only really artist here and also the only one to show any creativity at all (see my favourite image from here above). I’m not her biggest fan but she wins this by a country mile.
2) No Award
3) Nick Greenwood – Competent generic imagery.
4) Kirk DuoPonce -The Derek Zoolander of SF art.
5) Alan Pollock – A teenager’s sketches for a crap action movie.
6) Carter Reid – No contribution to the voter package.

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21 June 2015 at 19:22

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  1. Historically, the reason for the invention of Best Fan Artist in 1967, and the reason for its existence for decades, was to recognize fanzine fan artists, just as the Best Fan Writer Hugo was created to recognize fanzine writers. By the Eighties, artists who only exhibited at conventions began to become nominated as well, and since the internet, nominations of a wide variety of artists has become the norm; it’s certainly arguable that since the award no longer serves the purpose it was created for, it should be done away with, just as it’s arguable it’s still a worthwhile award.

    I mention this merely in case “fanzine” is in itself meant pejoratively here, as that would be ironic. If not, feel free to disregard this comment as boringly pointless.

    Steve Stiles has a history of being a professional comics artist, as well, also for the record.

    Gary Farber

    16 October 2015 at 20:32

  2. The pejorative in the phrase “shitty fanzine cartoons” is “shitty”.


    17 October 2015 at 07:03

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