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So, it is that time of year again. Or rather it was a month ago; I missed the actual anniversary of this blog which is probably symptomatic of its gentle decline. DOn’t get me wrong, I still enjoy blogging – to some extent I need blogging – but a lack of time and energy and the immediacy of Twitter mean I do it a lot less. As this year’s top ten shows, Everything Is Nice does still provide two valuable services: helping (or otherwise) students and feeding the awards beast.

1) Woman On The Edge Of Time – Marge Piercy is assigned in college. (Up six places from last year)

2) ‘Nine Lives’ by Ursula K LeGuin – Ursula K LeGuin is assigned in college. (Non-mover)

3) Why I Think Author Eligibility Posts Are Selfish, Destructive And Counter-Productive – Talking awards. Negative. (New entry)

4) The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie – Joe Abercrombie is a very popular writer. (Down one place)

5) Hugo Nominations: Best Fan Writer – Talking awards. Positive. (New entry)

6) Elementary – Mark C Newton is a very nice writer. (New entry)

7) A Game Of Two Halves – Talking awards. Half positive, half negative. (New entry)

8) Epic Fantasy Vs Sword & Sorcery – Perhaps a suggestion that there is insufficient critical writing about epic fantasy out there? (Down three places)

9) ‘The Star’ by Arthur C Clarke – Arthur C Clarke is assigned in college. (Non-mover)

10) ‘Selkie Stories Are For Losers’ by Sofia Samatar – Sofia Samatar is a very good writer. (New entry)

Written by Martin

31 October 2014 at 08:47

Posted in blog management

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