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Hugo Nominations – Best Editor Long Form & Best Editor Short Form

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I won’t be nominating in either Best Editor Long Form or Best Editor Short Form and I will be voting No award in both categories. I don’t want to re-hash this post too much but these awards can only ever really be for best publisher or best currator, neither of which I feel require a category within the Hugos. They also overlap with the other categories which isn’t very helpful.

Consider last year’s Best Editor Short Form shortlist. First up there are Stanley Schmidt of Analog and Sheila Williams of Asimov’s, both of which would have been eligible for Best Professional Magazine, except that category was abolished on the grounds of being pointless in 1972. Then you’ve John Joseph Adams of Lightspeed Magazine and Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld Magazine, both of which were eligible for Best Semiprozine (and indeed both were shortlisted – Adams with Stefan Rudnicki and Clarke with Jason Heller, Sean Wallace, and Kate Baker. Finally you have Jonathan Strahan, editor of three anthologies (The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Of The Year: Volume 6, Under My Hat: Tales From The Cauldron and Edge Of Infinity), all of which were eligible for grab-bag category Best Related Work. [Edit: this isn’t actually true.] Plus, of course, all the individual stories they edited were eligible for the various short fiction categories.

So the concept of best editor is partially unrewardable, partially rewarded by other categories and partially rewarded by proxies. What is left does not justify a single seperate category, let alone two.

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31 January 2014 at 15:38

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  1. […] shortlist. In the only other categories that are awarded to individuals rather than works, the two Best Editor awards, the distinction is again the form of the content rather than the economic status of the producer […]

  2. […] recommendations and I won’t be voting in the category once the shortlist is announced. Unlike the Best Editor categories, this is purely personal taste, but I do wonder if there is any real value in having a new fan […]

  3. […] just before that, two quick points on exclusions. Discussing Best Editor: Short Form, I said that collections and anthologies were eligible for this category. This is incorrect and was […]

  4. I’ve updated this post because it was incorrect (more here) but I’ll also take the opportunity to link to this Justin Landon post about the editing process.


    21 March 2014 at 20:39

  5. […] Best Professional Editor: Long Form […]

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