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Hugo Nominations – Best Fanzine

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I found it very easy to come up with my Best Fan Writer list but Best Fanzine is much harder. This is because, whilst both are historic terms, fan writer maps across nicely to the world of bloggers whereas fanzines are a bit tricker. I do not think all websites or even all blogs are fanzines; for me, they have to be collaborative (either through shared ownership or significant guest involvement) and to have a strong sense of community.

1) Pornokitsch – Nuff said.

2) Nerds Of A Feather – I first came across this bunch when they interview Paul Kincaid (in two parts) at the end of 2012. Over the last year I’ve watched them became the best group blog going, chiefly because of the staggering range of things they cover. Is anyone else writing about the death of the western, Deltron 3030 and, er, Pepsi-chicken flavoured crisps? Plus, of course, they use the awesome power of MATH.

3) FerretBrain – If you want a wall of text by a very clever person about something you previously had no interest in, then FerretBrain is your go to place. Sadly Kyra has been quiet for most of the year but we still get plenty of braindumps from ArthurB and Dan H to chew on.

4) The Book Smugglers – Ana and Thea’s enterprise is now so big that I’m sometimes surprised it can be contained in a single blog. It is of particular interest to me as a reader of the branch of children’s literature known as Young Adult but they have also consistently provided a platform to an incredibly diverse set of voices (not least through the annual Smugglivus).

5) A Dribble Of Ink – Pretty much the opposite of a traditional fanzine (or, indeed, Ferretbrain). Aidan Moher’s blog is an experiment in pushing the professionalism of fandom as far as it will go. This nomination is less about Moher’s own writing than his focus on design and illustration as well as his curation and ambition.

There are, of course, still paper fanzines (although even these are probably now more commonly read as PDFs rather than actual paper). I don’t read any of these.

Written by Martin

23 January 2014 at 15:48

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  1. Thanks so much for the nod, Martin. That is a very generous description of A Dribble of Ink, and a fairly accurate summation of my ambitions for the site.

  2. Love seeing us up there with so many of the people who inspired me to start blogging–that’s a real honor, and means a lot to all of us at NoaF! Now if only I could find another bag of Pepsi-Chicken Lays…

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