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Nostalgia + Delusion x Masturbation = Geek Culture

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Anorak’s Almanac 241:87 – I would argue that masturbation is the human animal’s most important adaptation. The very cornerstone of our technological civilization. Our hands evolved to grip tools, all right – including our own. You see, thinkers, inventors, and scientists are usually geeks, and geeks have a harder time getting laid than anyone. Without the built-in sexual release value provided by masturbation, it’s doubtful that early humans would ever have mastered the secrets of fire or discovered the wheel. And you can bet that Galileo, Newton, and Einstein never would have made their discoveries if they hadn’t first been able to clear their heads by slapping the salami (or “knocking a few protons off the old hydrogen atom”). The same goes for Marie Curie. Before she discovered radium, you can be certain she first discovered the little man in the canoe.

It wasn’t one of Halliday’s more popular theories, but I liked it.

Ernest Cline, Ready Player One (2011)

Written by Martin

30 May 2012 at 19:33

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  1. That is possibly the dumbest piece of evo-psych I’ve ever heard, and that’s saying something.

    David Moles

    4 June 2012 at 19:33

  2. Why on earth would the speaker assume that Curie had a little “man” in her canoe? That is hands down the weirdest thing about the whole monologue.

    Not that hers couldn’t be a man if she wanted it to.


    27 February 2013 at 13:53

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