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‘Day Million’ by Frederik Pohl

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Why, Dora is further removed from you than you are from the australopithecines of five thousand centuries ago. You could not swim a second in the strong currents of her life. You don’t think progress goes in a straight line, do you? Do you recognise it is an ascending, accelerating, maybe even exponential curve? It takes hell’s own time to get started, but when it goes it goes like a bomb. And you, you Scotch-drinking steak-eater in your relaxacizing chair, you’ve just barely lighted the primacord of the fuse. What is it now, the six or seven hundred thousandth-day after Christ? Dora lives in Day Million.

One of the most famous stories in science fiction and justifiably so. This must be one of the oldest stories of our post-human future and reading it now it is a mixture of the modern and the quaint but the concise power of its mind-expanding introducion to the possibilities of the singularity – all told in a voice which is avuncular, amused and chiding – remains.

Quality: ****
Hardness: ***

Written by Martin

13 August 2010 at 14:19