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La Sera

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It usually pisses me off a bit when restaurants don’t have websites (I know, I know but it is 2010). However, I am happy to make an exception for La Sera since it is the sort of wonderful no frills place you visit on holiday and then bemoan the fact they don’t exist in England when you return. And yet here it is, perched up the top of Stoke Newington High Street. As the name suggests, it is an Italian restaurant and, rather than indulging in the set-dressing and showmanship that marks even relatively casual dining in London, it simply serves cheap and delicious seafood and fish. To illustrate what I mean, we started with the seafood platter – king scallops, sardines, giant mussels, king prawns, crab claws, squid tubes and a mound of whitebait – and followed it with a whole lobster which came with another clutch of king prawns. The cost of this pure indulgence? £35. With two sides, two drinks and service it came to £25 a head. Bloody bargain.

By the way, La Sera is next to the Coach & Horses which is one of those pubs with a Thai kitchen. The increase in such venues over the last ten years is a welcome one, after all beer on pump plus pad thai equals win. However, in this particular instance, I recommend you steer well clear: the food is awful and I’m not convinced about the state of their pumps either.

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12 June 2010 at 09:44

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