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I went round to see some friends last night to test booze for their wedding. The result was clear: don’t buy your sparkling wine from Majestic.

Prosecco La Marca Cuvée NV: **

Tolerable on the first sip, dimishing returns thereafter.

Prosecco Corte Alta NV: *

Thin and bitter with a vile chemical aftertaste.

Codorniu Reina Maria Cristina 2007: ***

I could actually have drunk a second glass of this but that doesn’t mean it was any cop.

Thankfully St Peter’s and Badger will also be available.

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8 April 2010 at 14:23

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‘Drode’s Equations’ by Richard Grant

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And we are back (although I did skip the James Blish story because I couldn’t quite face it yet).

‘Drode’s Equations’ are presumably included in The Ascent Of Wonder on the grounds of the titular equations and that fact that in the editors’ crude calculus mention of maths equals proof of hardness. In fact, this is a lovely story about achieving satori that is utterly at odds with most of the rest of the anthology.

It is set in a fantasy world or an alternative history (it really doesn’t matter, a big clue to its anti-hardness), and sees a young man transporting the unearthed equations (presumed lost) by train to a university. That is it. Its power is almost wholely descriptive – light, smell, texture – and this is used to conjure up a sense of communion with the sublime. As I said, lovely.

Quality: ****
Hardness: *

The editors describe Grant as a promising young talent and the story certainly supports this. Unfortunately, he seems to have lost the battle with History, although he did have a novel out in 2006.

Written by Martin

8 April 2010 at 09:58