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Memory Hole

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I have just finished reading ‘The Farenheit Twins’ by Michel Faber. It is very good. It is collected in the book of the same name. My copy of the book (published in 2006, bought in 2009) has a big sticky label on the front boasting that you can download a podcast of the story, read by Faber and scored by Brian Eno. This sounds very interesting. Putting aside the incorrect use of the word “podcast”, what is vexing about this, however, is that the big sticky label directs you towards a location – http://www.canongate.net/downloads – which no longer exists. Nor is it available elsewhere. The closest you can get to it is this article by Faber on the collaboration (which contains another dead link). Bloody sticky labels. Bloody internet.

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19 January 2010 at 00:48

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