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So, as I mentioned, it hasn’t been a great year for reading. At the same time, I have written substantially more reviews than ever before. The upshot of this is that I will be reviewing less in 2010 and probably reading a lot less SF. I am feeling a bit stale and I need revitalising.

Another change is that from next month I will take over as reviews editor for Vector. I am working my way through the handover at the moment and I will post more about this once my first issue is ready towards the end of February. For the moment, I will just say I am excited about the opportunity. Anyway, I have a couple of reviews outstanding for the long-suffering Rodger Turner over at SF Site and I will probably continue to write four reviews a year for Vector but other than that I’m going to have a bit of break. Unless, of course, my resolve crumbles. This only applies to formal reviews (I will continue to blog about books) and books (I am hoping to write more film reviews).

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26 December 2009 at 11:42

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