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Light Years

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Adam Roberts said that Tarot Sport by Fuck Buttons is the science fiction album of the year. Ooh, I thought, I’ll have to get that. It arrived this morning and I listened to the first track on the way into work. If ‘Solar Surf’ is anythinig to go by he is right. I suspect I will have to keep the album out of the car, in case I am tempted to try and reach light speed. Last time that happened I got five points.

Roberts also mentioned in passing that Tarot Sport knocked Dark Days/ Light Years by Super Furry Animals off the top spot. Ooh, I thought, did the Furries have an album out this year? They did and, in fact, a quick flick through my record collection revealed that I had already bought it. I’m turning into my dad. Anyway, I’ve stuck that on my iPod so I may post some thoughts later when I’ve given it a few more turns. At the moment though, I still think they probably haven’t had a good album since Phantom Power in 2003.

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8 December 2009 at 12:44

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  1. Furries: you’re saying you’ve listened to the Trams song without succumbing to the glory of this album? The postapocalyptic vision where the Greatest Hits of Neil Diamond are all that remain of civilisation?

    Adam Roberts

    9 December 2009 at 09:48

  2. I think it is the fact that the album kicks off with the howling Seventies pastiche of ‘Crazy Naked Ladies’ that puts me off. More than being just a duff song in itself it is indicative of their slide. Back over a decade ago when the did a one of Seventies number like the brilliant Ice Hockey Hair it was one thing. Now it seems like the only thing which makes it harder to appreciate the good ones like ‘The Greatest Hits Of Neil Diamond’.


    9 December 2009 at 11:08

  3. I could do without ‘Crazy Naked Girls’ too, yes.

    Adam Roberts

    9 December 2009 at 12:23

  4. If a lurker on your blog may interject…

    Absolutely agree that the opening track of Dark Days is one of SFA’s weakest. Absolutely disagree that their music has suffered any general slump in quality at all.

    David H

    9 December 2009 at 12:25

  5. The proof for me is just in the fact I don’t return to those later albums, that I’d actually forgotten I owed Dark Days/Light Years is just the most extreme example.

    I just gave myself a burst of Hey Venus over lunch to remind myself. The production seems sluggish and muddy and whilst individual tracks are enjoyable, they don’t stand out, the album is almost too homogeneous, too much chug.


    9 December 2009 at 15:18

  6. I’ve always thought the Furries peaked with Radiator and the Ice Hockey Hair EP. ‘Fuzzy Logic’ is a cracking album too, but ‘Guerilla’ was bitty and they’ve been a bit downhill since then, at least for me.

    Nick H.

    9 December 2009 at 22:29

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