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‘Auspicious Eggs’ by James Morrow

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The editors say up front that this is not an SF anthology (although it sort of is) so they can hardly be criticised for not publishing any decent SF stories. They can, however, be criticised for not publishing any stories with decent ideas or any humour. Thankfully ‘Auspicious Eggs’ centres on a darkly brilliant piece of speculation which provides plenty moments of appalling humour.

As you would expect from Morrow it revolves around religion, in this case imagining a Catholic church that has extended the rights of the born not just to the unborn but those with the mere potentiality of birth. Literally every sperm is sacred and so is every egg. This is rigidly enforced on Boston Isle leading to a dystopia where babies with a low chance of reproducing are subject to the Sacrament of Terminal Baptism and all adults must submit to the Sacrament of Extramarital Intercourse at times of their peak fertility. No belly laughs here but some brutally effective satire.

‘Auspicious Eggs’ was shortlisted for the 2001 Best Novelette Nebula Award. Morrow lost to Kelly Link but there is no shame in that and the story is of a quality noticeably absent from the rest of Witpunk.

Quality: ****
Wit: ***

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8 December 2009 at 18:49

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Light Years

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Adam Roberts said that Tarot Sport by Fuck Buttons is the science fiction album of the year. Ooh, I thought, I’ll have to get that. It arrived this morning and I listened to the first track on the way into work. If ‘Solar Surf’ is anythinig to go by he is right. I suspect I will have to keep the album out of the car, in case I am tempted to try and reach light speed. Last time that happened I got five points.

Roberts also mentioned in passing that Tarot Sport knocked Dark Days/ Light Years by Super Furry Animals off the top spot. Ooh, I thought, did the Furries have an album out this year? They did and, in fact, a quick flick through my record collection revealed that I had already bought it. I’m turning into my dad. Anyway, I’ve stuck that on my iPod so I may post some thoughts later when I’ve given it a few more turns. At the moment though, I still think they probably haven’t had a good album since Phantom Power in 2003.

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8 December 2009 at 12:44

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