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‘Savage Breasts’ by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

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Do you find the following amusing? “I felt like a palm tree hand-pollinated for the first time. I began to have clusters of dates.” If so, this is the story for you. It is an arch 1950s pastiche in which Mae June sends off to Charlotte Atlas (boom boom) for a pamphlet to increase the size of her breasts. They get bigger but they also become aggressive. With mildly humourous consequences.

Quality: **
Wit: **

Incidently this is one of two stories in Witpunk which contain the word “breast” in the title. Breasts are inherently funny, apparently.

Written by Martin

28 November 2009 at 15:47

Posted in sf, short stories

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  1. […] a comment » This is the other breast story and it is getting zero for wit because it is the opposite of funny. It is a nice […]

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