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Witpunk – Introduction

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When the world is just too stupid, brutal, or annoying to believe – strike back by laughing.

It is not often you are disappointed by the introduction to an anthology, usually you have to wait at least until the first story. Apparently some people on a website said SF isn’t fun any more so Lalumière and Halpern have put together this book as a riposte. They seem to have a somewhat limited conception of fun since they use the word “sardonic” four times in the brief two pages of the introduction.

It is also unpleasantly backslapping whilst at the same time smarmily buttering up the reader for their good taste in buying the volume. It is refreshing that the editors are up front about the fact not all the stories are actually SF but they ruin this with the self-aggrandising final comment that they are “too daring to be labelled “mundane” or “mainstream””.

Anyway, the axes of measurement will be quality and (obviously) wit but I’m slightly worried about what wit might mean in this context.

Written by Martin

25 November 2009 at 12:09

Posted in books, sf

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