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Tough Love

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Slaves, female are of three kinds, probably:

2 Beautiful young women. You will find these in droves in the FANATIC CALIPHATES and sometimes in the PALACES of bad KINGS. Their duties are light and pleasant and are: looking beautiful, bathing and massaging visitors, singing and dancing and, for male Tourists, providing company in bed. None of them seem unhappy in their work and they show no desire to escape. It is not usually possible to discover their life stories, but sometimes one will tell you her father was a MERCHANT and that she was kidnapped by BANDITS somewhere many hundreds of miles away and was forced to watch her father being killed before she was carried off.

Often male Tourists will sympathise with the plight of such Slaves, nobly reject their offer of free, no-holds-barred SEX, insist on assisting them to escape from the exploitative tyranny under which they have been existing, and then, having obviously done them a Good Turn, have free, no-holds-barred SEX before stranding them in the middle of nowhere to make their way thousands of miles back to their own COUNTRY.

Diana Wynne Jones, The Tough Guide To Fantasyland, 1996

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22 September 2009 at 18:04

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‘Poppet’ by Elspeth Potter

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Another very short story and one dealing with a subject I thought I would be more common in the anthology: better living through technology. After her partner is severely burnt in an accident, Jessamine smuggles the small, telepathically controlled doll they have been working on into the hospital. With sexy results. It is essentially a warm-hearted teledildonics story that explicitly thinks about the implications for the disabled. Aww.

Quality: ***
Sexiness: ****

Written by Martin

22 September 2009 at 08:34