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“A charlatan, a mesmerist, or a dolt.”

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1) Lev Grossman chats shit about plot, Modernists and “the novel”. Andrew Seal and Matthew Cheney school him.

2) Also chatting shit is David Denby who says down with snark but unfortunately doesn’t even understand what snark is. Despite this major impediment he somehow even managed to spin a book out of this.

3) And now for something completely different:

What good is an imaginary city if you can’t go inside the buildings? What good is a virtual downtown if you can’t go crazy with a bazooka? Corbetta’s work preempts these questions.

A fascinating guest post on procedurally generated virtual cities from Jim Rossignol (Offworld, Rock, Paper, Shotgun) over at BLDGBLOG.

Written by Martin

30 August 2009 at 18:47