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Awhile ago I rashly stated that Glasvegas are great. Well, I thought I better actually listen to the album to check. A few thoughts:

  • Songs about social workers are awesome.
  • Sincerity is good but only in small doses or you sound like  a drunk.
  • Once upon a time people spoke approvingly of The Stereophonics and the way they chronicled provincial small town life. Then they came to their sense.
  • James Dean Bradfield is not a good role model when it comes to transfering lyrics from the page to the mic. (I’m amazed he never pulled a Harrison Ford on Richie.)
  • If I want to listen to a dour Scot stick a burst of someone else’s song at the end of his, I will listen to The Night Before The Funeral by Arab Strap.
  • No, Glasvegas aren’t great.

Written by Martin

25 August 2009 at 18:56

Posted in music

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  1. Good man.


    26 August 2009 at 11:19

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