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Akira, Blake’s 7, Priest Sex And Fools’ Experiments

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The latest mailing from the BSFA has arrived. It includes a special pamphlet edited by me called SF Writers On SF Films: From Akira To Zardoz. It does exactly what it says on the tin. As I said, Matrix has relaunched (although the whole site seems to be down at the minute) so hopefully we will be able to make some of the contributions from indivudal authors available online at some point in the future.

Elsewhere in the mailing there are a couple of odd articles in Focus. Well, the one on Blake’s 7 isn’t so much odd as misplaced since its obvious home is in Matrix. The other one – Christopher Priest on writing sex scenes – is very rum indeed. I’ve only flicked through Vector but it seems to contain the usually goodness. It also includes my review of Fools’ Experiments by Edward M Lerner which opens:

Perhaps this is just an unfair prejudice of mine but as far as I’m concerned any book that uses sound effects is likely to be a bad book. In this case, at least, the cracks and thwocks and blats do indeed herald a writer with very little facility for the English language.

Look forward to some more thoughts on sound effects and possibly didactic italics when I read Richard Morgan’s The Steel Remains.


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10 August 2009 at 16:39

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  1. What a great supplement, I very much enjoyed it and loved the concept. If you can get the permissions sorted, I would be very happy to get it published on Matrix (now the site is back up and running) as like the mentioned Blake 7 article, it is a natural fit.


    11 August 2009 at 18:53

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