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‘Resurrection’ by David Morrell

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You will remember that Sarrantonio wanted to produce the “finest original sf anthology of the last twenty-five years”. To achieve this end he for some reason decided to commission a story by Morrell, who had never written an SF story before (but had written the Rambo books). ‘Resurrection’ is exactly the sort of story someone who had never written a science fiction story before would write.

What if a terminally ill man was cryogentically frozen? What then? Why, when he was defrosted his son might be – *gasp* – older than he is! It is the sort of story that could almost put you into a coma. In terms of quality it is merely dull, obvious and badly written. It terms of pushing boundaries, well, it is about as backwards looking as you could imagine.

Quality: *
Shiftiness: *

I feel slightly bad for mocking the story since it ends with the line “It’s a terrible thing for a father to outlive his son” and is clearly an attempt to work through the death of his own son in 1987. Still, Morrell’s personal tragedy does not excuse Sarrantonio from publishing this weak story.

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14 May 2009 at 17:00

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