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‘Weeping Walls’ by Paul Di Filippo

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I’m a big fan of Di Filippo but he is very prolific and this is only average. Two silly satires in the form of the seperate careers of a married couple collide glibly. End of. It does at least look forward – unlike a surprising number of stories in this anthology – but it is hardly boundary pushing.

Quality: ***
Shiftiness: **

In his intro Sarrantonio suggests Di Filippo is “an able postpunk successor to the likes of the great Philip Jose Farmer”. Anyone care to unpack that musical analogy? I’ve got as far as Farmer being Viv Stanshall but then everything collapses under the strain of the temporal shift Sarrantonio’s comment implies.

He is also wowed that that one of Di Filippo’s collections contains a story “in which a costumed Franz Kafka – yes, I said Franz Kafka – roams the night of Manhattan as the avenger Jackdaw”. Oh my God! Franz Kafka! My mind is blown! I am starting to suspect Sarratonio’s shiftiness is not my shiftiness.

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8 May 2009 at 10:05

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