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Saturday morning usually means two things: a) I’ve got a hangover and b) I’ve overcome this to go out and buy the Guardian. It’s doom and gloom in the main section and slim pickings in the rest of the paper at the moment though. About the only noteworthy thing in the whole of today’s newspaper is the fact they have overhauled the Weekend section. It isn’t particularly radical. In fact, it mostly consists of including a lot more white space. However, they have made everything a bit simpler and bolder and it works well despite the fact a cynic might think they were just padding out the magazine in these lean times.

The contents themselves are mostly unchanged. They still start with the relentlessly banal celebrity Q&A, for example. It does have a new general knowledge crossword but it is a bit pointless and also tricky to write on what with the paper being all shiny. Elsewhere on the same page, I got 6/15 on the quiz this week and, more importantly, learnt about the darts player with the best nickname in the world.

Written by Martin

31 January 2009 at 14:10

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    10 February 2009 at 00:35

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