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A while ago the BSFA Forum was spammed with an advert for Bugz, a self-published novel written by David Jackson. He obviously realised that the BSFA were small beer because – unbelieveably – he has taken out a full page advert in today’s Guardian to try and entice people into buying it. Good luck to the mad bastard, I say; although, as you might expect, Jackson can’t write for toffee:

Svetlana, a Russian scientist, whose exquisite looks and vamp style ensnare the opposite sex easily, enabling her to manipulate situations, invariably resulting in Svetlana getting her own way. She inherited a fortune from an unknown benefactor thus thrusting her into the elite millionaire club. She strives for credibility in the science community but her stunning looks generally detract attention away from her fantastic physics brain, which frustrates her considerably. Her “socializing” technique has allowed her to build up a network of contacts in very influential circles; this is helped through her claim that she is a descendent of the infamous Rasputin. The Director General of CERN is part of her intimate circle of friends and he has gifted her a plumb job on an obscure particle physics experiment in return for services rendered.

Written by Martin

8 November 2008 at 13:32

Posted in books, sf

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