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  • BSFA Review (Vector #276, Summer 2014) – Books I couldn’t finish.
  • BSFA Review (Vector #275, Spring 2014) – The BSFA Review Poll
  • BSFA Review (Vector #274, Winter 2013) – Books by women that didn’t win awards in 2013, books by women that might win awards in 2014.
  • BSFA Review (Vector #273) – Judge Dredd
  • BSFA Review (Vector #272, Spring 2013) – The BSFA Review poll
  • BSFA Review (Vector #271, Spring 2013) – Moorcock’s London, Mieville’s London, the BSFA Award
  • BSFA Review (Vector #270, Late Spring 2012) – The BSFA Review poll
  • BSFA Review (Vector #269, Spring 2012) -The Transatlantic divide continued, Soft Apocalypse, God’s War
  • BSFA Review (Vector #268, Autumn 2011) – The Transatlantic divide, the Hugos, How To Train Your Dragon
  • BSFA Review (Vector #267, Summer 2011) – The Routledge Concise History Of Science Fiction
  • First Impressions (Vector #266, Spring 2011) – The reviewers’ poll
  • First Impressions (Vector #265, Winter 2011) – Bizarro, niche publishing, multicultural lesbian steampunk
  • First Impressions (Vector #264, Autumn 2010) – Joanna Russ
  • First Impressions (Vector #263, Summer 2010) – Introduction, children’s literature, Fever Crumb



Written by Martin

6 October 2008 at 14:24

3 Responses

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  1. [...] a comment » I’ve just added a page for my articles and interviews. All two of [...]

  2. [...] is a big job and I am starting with small steps. I already publish my First Impressions column on this blog and that lists each review published in Vector. I have also agreed with a [...]

  3. [...] well as being an editor, I am a writer. My own editorials in Vector over 2011 managed gender parity but then I only covered three books. What about reviewing [...]

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